Friday, September 3, 2010

That pure place, that pure moment

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 9/3/2010 Friday 24 Elul 5770

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Page 29 – 9 lines from the top. Line starts, “mislabesh...”

The link between tynug of the nefesh and the specific faculties is the chochmah of the nefesh. The chochmah incorporates all the kochot.

As varied as a person is, he can relate to all his faculties as one – this is in the chochmah, that he has this perspective.

Tanya in chapter 51: the alte rebbe explains how all life in the world originates in torah. He uses the illustration of the faculty of chochmah. It is the inception and head of the revealed powers/faculties – this is like the first glance of a panorama. This is the moment where the nefesh touches the body. Chochmah sees body matters / faculties from the nefesh perspective.

Thus the essential lights (orot atzmi-im) can be revealed in chochmah.

At that moment you can relate to that which is not metziut. It is the moment of relating to the nefesh without asking “what is it?”

At mount Sinai we related to “that” He is speaking to us, rather than “what” is He saying to us.

By chochmah, the orot makifim become part-and-parcel of the person. They are integrated internally.

Tynug cannot be present where it needs to be changed. It is the purity of the life of the nefesh. Only to a place where it can be received in a pure manner will it go – chochmah is that pure place/moment where it is received.

Though the faculties contain oneg, they still function in their limited way – this is due to the intermediary of chochmah.

Chochmah has the ability to receive the essential lights, this is real life, this is beyond conscious thinking, this is not process dependent. These lights are brought to the level where they have a relationship to the faculties that are below chochmah.

... וחיי עולם

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