Thursday, December 9, 2010

World is too small for me – people are strange when you're a stranger

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 12/9/2010 Thursday 2 Tevet 5771

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We are looking at “there is no such thing as nothingness” in the sechel perspective. In a physical/secular world the movement of an object by inertia is nothing. We say it is indicative of the infinity of the Creator.

We you discover something outside the realm of natural sechel, then it is something that you are relating to something beyond world.

The human being does not fit into the world like a tree or an animal, since his perception is beyond world. The neshamah of the human being is something that comes directly from G-d, not like an animal that was made soul and body together. World is too small for man – it is an imprisonment.

He is also incapable of saying we evolved from monkeys. People rebel against this - “I cannot live like an animal...”

I need to live in reality, not just an explained reality. An animal fits easily into the world, but a human asks, “what is this all about?!” And to this question there are 2 responses - “I am an animal” or “I am a human in a G-dly world”.

One needs to hear one's inner voice – regarding marriage and our existence in the world. Marriage has a G-dly purpose...

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