Thursday, September 7, 2017

“Faith Based” p87

“The Rambam says, ‘the first principle is that there is a First Being’ - and He is not something we can comprehend.“

“Faith Based” p87

Menachem Av 5777

P 87 [of the new pamphlet] at 2 lines from end of the page - line starting “ve-al ken…”  [P 65 of the book]

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We are making a distinction between different levels of light.  And we are presenting means of relating to these differences.

The sphirot are distinct on an essential level. 

In the comparison between chochmah/wisdom and binah/understanding… chochmah is beyond understanding, yet it is within the realm of knowledge.  There is some way of explaining what you know…

By contrast with the level of lesser/crown which is above the levels of reason and knowledge completely.  

Ratzon/will [in kesser] is not really a faculty - it is a soul leaning without any reason or knowledge…

The truth of the ratzon/will is that it has no cause at all, excepts an essential will.  

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