Sunday, September 10, 2017

“No Reason” p87

“Our presence here, is preceded by His desire that we should be here…“

“No Reason” p87

Menachem Av 5777

P 88 [of the new pamphlet] at 4 lines from top of the page - line starting “mi-ha-taam…”  [P 65 of the book]

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Faculties like chochmah/wisdom and binah/understanding have a fundamental difference, not just a functional difference.

The wisdom/chochmah is essentially higher…

The level of kesser/crown is above reason and knowledge.  Its presence is a non-presence. 

This is like ratzon/will - a totally non-existent presence.  There is no distinct presence, it is just the leaning of the soul to something without any knowledge at all.

Ratzon/will is never satisfied.  It is life itself.  Like for example the will to live.  Ratzon is not a faculty.  

Our presence here, is preceded by His desire that we should be here… We are in a divine reality.  We did not come here by choice.  It is His plan, and we will accept no substitute for being in the real world.  Lose a sense of His presence and you lose everything…

This is a representation of the ratzon/will - there’s no ‘reason’ for the insight.  It is truth beyond identification or proof.

There is a level of will that had delight/tynug and there is a level without delight.

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