Wednesday, November 9, 2011

“Beyond the Stuggle to Exist” p: 58

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 11/9/11 Wednesday 12 Cheshvan 5772 

Page 58 – about middle of the page (line starts: ”ohr chadash mamash...” ) 

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This is the real innovation, the king gives nothing, but by being their king the people become a real presence. This is like a man sets up his home with his family and arranges all the furnishings and utensils. That is a feature of his style and practical sense... If he leaves the home there is nothing left. This depends on him, himself, not any feature or faculty of his.

Ownership is an exclusively human quality. You cannot bequeath your belongings to a dog. What is the basis of 'ownership'? The principle places the human being at the top of existence – it has nothing to do with functionality or need. He is as true as the place as he owns. The this truth begins from within, yet it is reflected on the outside. There is no functional source for that reflection.

A man looks at something. The animal sees only on the functional level. A man sees things in a three dimensional way – 'how it is unto itself'. The animal sees, 'how it affects me'.

The element that 'there is a true presence' points back to the Creator. The other view is based on the 'struggle to exist'. The man sees that there is a G-dly reality and things are not stuggling – they are being maintained!

Essence does not portray a message. From that level innovation results.

Essence is that point where that entity ceases to be itself and becomes its Creator.

This reveals the fallacy of the word view of refusing to acknowledge that a human being has 'that which is provided for him'. A man is not the result of his struggle for survival.

Every human being, even the university professor, will not dare to say, the life of man is on par with that of the animal.

Torah should be in your eyes like total novelty, since it is rooted in atzmus/essence. Torah never becomes a reality at the revealed level, it is constantly emanating from its source...

Just like you cannot capture sunlight in the world, you cannot 'capture' torah – it has to constantly come from its source.

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