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“I am a Rock” p: 59

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 11/17/11 ThursdayNight 20 Cheshvan 5772  

Page 59 – lower third of the page (line starts: ”bemakom acher...” )

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On top of seeing that in all there is a G-dly light and life, but one sees too how it is manifest... this manifestation is identifiable on 3 levels – nefesh, ruach and neshamah!

This stepping into the specifics of the G-dly light and life is has a profound effect – it is actually experienced!

I see that when I am using an object in the world I am using it on these 3 levels - – nefesh, ruach and neshamah – there is a personal identification with this light and life.”

All three levels have aspects of life and light.  

The hand at rest is also a hand at the ready – it has life and experiences a readiness – with sechel/mind and midah/emotional elements.

Even the ability to write is present in the untrained hand. This is a G-dly life in the hand itself. A full spectrum of chayut. The hand is anxious to act – ruach. And the hand is anxious to draw and write... it is waiting to be utilized. These faculties were imbued in the hand regardless of to what extent it has been developed.

This is true of everything in the world. Each thing has its own function and message. And it has the message at the level of – nefesh, ruach and neshamah.

We see objects. And we see them effortlessly. The object calls our attention. It is being shown to us. This is representation of the fact that all we observe, and all inanimate objects, have a purpose. The rock says, 'I am a rock in a positive sense, not by default, but in a pro-active way'.

The mute rock does not speak, but it announces its message!

The earth calls and says, 'you tread on me, and I am fine with it if you are occupied with torah and mitzvoth, otherwise, by what right do you tread on me...?!'

There is a full spectrum of G-dly life element in each thing.

When the animal soul connects to G-dliness in the world in this manner it really connects to it – it is a different experience.

The world on its own is fragile – 2 dimensional. With the G-dly light and life it becomes 3 dimensional.

Imagine the world without a single human being. And now sense what the human being adds to the world – this is living with the difference of what is being added. You can feel the effect on a functional level.

If the animal soul meditates on this... he will approach the G-dly light and will break away from the physical bounds of the world. His desire is in the G-dly element...!

The existence of the word is 2D, but this is the world we live in! But when when we realize the G-dly light and life in this world... and you identify the G-dliness on a practical level... then that pulls you up out of the physicality... it becomes ridiculous to want the physical for its own sake... even the animal soul becomes turned off from such a pursuit...!

The function of the 'animal soul' detects what is 'worth living for in the world'.

He wants G-dly revelation in his life.

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