Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Inside the House

And here thanks to Daniel Yallouze are notes from a day that was missed...  

Transcript of my notes from last Friday 11/18/11:

As a result of Hisbonenus he gets more involved, deeper and deeper , in how Elokus affects the world.

Then he dissociates himself from the world, only wants Elokus and focus on avodat Hashem.

The natural process of Hisbonenus reflects with his own sechel . It will show the way of how to become closer to Elokus 

That will bring him to a higher madrega so that he will be further reflecting (to be misbonen) in the idea of hisbonenus : The realization that what I understand is not limited to the level of sechel and will lead him to say : This is the actual truth.

Mashal :  1 and 1 is 2 … There is a higher truth … One and one come from the same source.

The real root of sechel is Ratzon….  Motivation … Chayas behind it.

Mashal :  When someone is outside of a house it is different than when he is inside. Although he is impressed by the décor.

It is exactely the same reality … the same space … This is the real reality, a context for his activity

So there is a demarcated sense of reality …vs… an ultimate sense of reality

Hisbonenus corelates the Sechel with Ratzon.

Left around 6:55 AM

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