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“Life is Spiritual not Physical” p: 59

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 11/13/11 Sunday 16 Cheshvan 5772 

Dancing in the streets, Crown Heights, Simchat Beis Hasho'eva 2011
Page 59 – about 10 lines from the top of the page (line starts: ”bemakom acher...” )  

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The whole 'coming into existence' of the creation is due the tzimzum. This tzimzum affects only revelation but not in ohr ein sof. Thus everything that comes into existence is, from the reality of ohr ein sof, not a distinct entity at all.

David Malka (OBM) [seated] at Mincha
And by meditating on this truth... (and here we are talking of the soul in a body and to be cognizant and to relate to the truth one has do dwell on it – there are 2 elements in mind/sechel – sechel is an added element where 'things have been figured out' – this is like logical proof. But real sechel/mind is when that becomes my understanding) 

You have a living soul and external stuff, like tables and chairs 'don't touch me unless they have a human process. This is not a sechel/mind condition. It is from the soul or ratzon/will'. 

The reality of the food and tables in the wedding hall is the simcha or marriage itself. It is hisbonenut/medition that will tell you that it is really about an intangible even. Without this you just see the food and tables, like the cat sees them. When you just observe the stuff then you are not a participant. Just to have human sechel/mind a level of hisbonenut/meditation is needed since the physical worlds conceals that there is a soul.

When one is misbonen/meditates on just the process (like the doctor who meditated on the bones of the foot and then couldn't take a step), it is counter productive. The focus and meditation must be on 'the truth element'.

There are thoughts that come from the body automatically. At the same time there is a human and soul element that generates thoughts. One needs to guard against the one source and enable the other.

And by meditating on this truth, that ohr ein sof is above tzimzum and there everything is unified, the soul unifies with G-d, where 'all before Him is considered, like nothing' – the soul is nullified and unified.

Even the yeshus – the physical element that the soul recognizes becomes completely null. As the verse says, “out goes my flesh and heart – nullified is the geshem/physical”.

Gashmiut/physicality is so real in the mind of man that it is a fundamental reality. This has the effect that anything ruchni/spiritual is seen as, 'a nice thought' – like you give a coin to a poor person, the world provides the reality sense of what is being done. So when the soul meditates on ohr einsof where the world is null he must be losing sense of any reality...?!? But at that state you don't need the world to substantiate the reality – it is from above and not based on a physical platform.

The activity of a tzadik is 'doing Hashem a favor' – he has not interest/activity in the world – no personal experience – he just comes here to work for Him.

The rebbes risked their lives to teach and establish chassidus, because through chassidus you reveal essence/atzmus.

This is relevant to the G-dly soul. This is her reality.

The higher souls are not grasped by physicality. This is like the Torah which comes from above, and adjudicates worldly affairs, but is not grasped by the world at all. Torah recognizes the G-dly presents in the world and this is the basis for the adjudication process.

But the 'animal soul' has not ability to relate to the meditation identified above.

The animal soul sees the world is real, but it can acknowledge that the world is not an independent existence, but rather one that resulted from the effect of the tzimzum.

The world is seen as something to be reckoned with. Even non-Jews have 7 mitzvoth and that they are to be followed since G-d gave them to Moses for the nations. This is to say every nation has sechel/mind to grasp the truth that there is a Creator to the world. Even if the primary orientation is world, still he sees it is a Creation of His. This can be grasped by the animal soul and all nations.

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