Thursday, November 3, 2011

“Light in Darkness” p: 58

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 11/3/11 ThursdayNight 7 Cheshvan 5772 

Page 58 – about a quarter from the top of the page (line starts: ”bo...” )  
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We've been talking about many levels and the common features is that the higher level is the force behind the lower level.

For example ratzon is like a force and sechel identifies and defines the purpose and implementation of the force.

Like building a house – it is an essential element, not just functional.

In ohr ein sof there is a projection of what should be created and above that is a level of ohr einsof that is removed from the level below it that causes the arousal of the ratzon/will.

The simple movements of the hand are rooted in the mind and soul. No matter what a person does, no action takes place without reflecting the soul/nefesh. The sunlight seems to have a functional element – you have enough light to see across the street. But it also makes a statement of essence, 'it is now day!' So in a way it has the effect of changing the world, 'from a dark state to a light state'. This is like the reflection of the essence of light in the dark world.

This is what the Rebbe is saying, 'there is the pure light that precedes the arousal of ratzon/will'. But it is ohr, not essence.

We talk of the life and faculties of the soul. The hand has the power/faculty of movement. When the hand is at rest, what enlivens it? The faculty of movement is still there, but dormant. The hand is always in a state of movement, even when at a state of rest. This is the enlivening of the hand.

We are looking to understand how the light that precedes the arousal of the will is without content. It has an element of hispashtus – 'that it can affect...'

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