Wednesday, November 16, 2011

“Meditation is not Imagination” p: 59

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 11/16/11 Wednesday 19 Cheshvan 5772 

Page 59 – lower the of the page (line starts: ”vechayut eloki...” )

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The animal soul also has a means to relate to G-dliness. But this is the G-dliness that is manifest in the world. And one has to be misbonen/delve deeply to affect it.

The animal soul can reflect and realize that the main thing is G-dliness.

And when he meditates on the way that G-dliness is manifest in the world... light deflects off physical objects, but this is the 'physical element' of the light. This is hislabshut... you see the object and it is spiritual, but it is through a physical process. Relative to touch, sight is on a spiritual level. This is all a metaphor for G-dly investment. Physicality has a sense of reality because there is Elokus/G-dliness in it. It is a G-dly creation.

Hisbonenut/meditation is not imagination. One perceives and focuses in on it.  

In the dark you can stumble over things. That kind of presence is accidental. The object doesn't make sense or have a basis for its existence – it is undeniable but precarious.

Elokus means, a true existence. Even the 'animal soul' identifies that there is more truth to things than what meets the eye.

A materialist view says, 'all has to fight for the ability to exist'. This position is maintained regarding sub-atomic particles and human psychology. It is an impoverished view. The only reality is 'to ensure my own existence'. This is physicality without the G-dly.

And even the animal says, 'not true!' It sees, 'physicality exists because it is provided for. It exists in a welcoming context and doesn't have to fight for existence'. It sees the world is much more real than it would be on its own.

G-dliness is dressed in physicality and says, 'I am giving to the gashmi on the gashmi level!' If we just focus on the physicality alone, we become very anxious.

You walk down the street in the public domain. Some people think about their preserving presence. Others have the normal human outlook, I am welcome here... I belong here... this is provided for us...

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  1. They almost got it. Sight is not 'akin to touch' it's 'a King to touch'.