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“The Naked Soldier” p: 60

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 11/27/11 Sunday 1 Kislev 5772 
Page 60 – about a third from the top of the page (line starts: ”kul hi...” ) See link (top right) for link to all pages of the text.

Elokus/G-dliness is different from everything else – not just that it is pure high and unlimited. There is an absolute difference. Everything has the quality that it came into being. Elokus does not have this element. It doesn't need to 'come into being' and 'it doesn't need to be in order to be' – 'He is present by not being present – not in a form of presence'. Elokus is beyond identification and is identified by not having identification. You are not looking for Elokus when you are looking to identify it! You cancel your gains by this approach.

This is the principle of bitul. By bitul you relate to Elokus. In the world it is the opposite. What is bitul? Elokus is something given to me – not something I take. It is that which is given. The only way you can realate purely into that which is given to you is if you receive it by bitul. You let the giver affect you, not your means of taking it. 

This is 'na-aseh and nishmah ('we will do and learn')' stance that we have when we accept Torah – we receive it not via our faculties. We receive the pure gift.

We explain that sight has a unique quality. For everything else you are aware by touch/impact, but with sight you see the object in its own abode. Our eyes are capable of sight, because of their purity. This is bitul, not to nulify the person, but to bring out the absolute reality of the person. 

When the soldier came out of the river naked and saluted the Czar he said, 'who serves you, my uniform or myself? Here I am!'

It is me, not my faculties. This is bitul. You remove the garment and the uniform and any marks of rank. That is where the essence shows up. This is the only means whereby the animal soul can relate to Elokus, since it does not have the faculties to relate to G-dliness per se. It cannot explaint to itself, why it should want it. Only by bitul. It recognizes that it, itself is nothing and there is essence that made it.

This is emunah. Moshe's hands were held up for him. This is truth, not, because I want it, but because it is given to me. This is where you recognize Elokus and Essence is beyond this.

In America they talk of 'rights' – this is like something you grab, we see it slightly different, the person doesn't have rights, the dog doesn't have rights... we don't have rights, we have the G-dly decree that we should be. This is not my right. This is the G-dly command. So at each moment where a man stands is his G-dly grant. Each snowflake has its place.

The difference between holiness and klipa/shell; everything has a makif/context that makes it real. There is a level of soul called chaya (which we have been looking at here, reality to his existence beyond function), even though it is clear that that kind of reality cannot be acquired on your own (it is not 'rights' or anything I can 'grab') , and it is given from Above, He gave it to you, there is a level above it called yechida, which is completely out of the world.

Yechidah, is 'I don't have a truth of my own existence that He gives me' it is rather, 'I just have the truth of His existence, forget me and my existence!'

what is this level with no personal gain? This is yechidah. This is where the difference between holiness and klipa/shell is clearly identified. Letting go of metzius is not possible for the animal soul – it realizes it should but cannot. The G-dly soul knows it is one with Him. The animal soul can relate only through bitul. And it sees, this that is given to me is from Him and I should want Him!

The animal soul cannot become the G-dly soul, but it can let the G-dly soul become its leader.

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