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“Soul Journey; And This is What He Wants” p: 59-60

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 11/24/11 Thursday 27 Cheshvan 5772 

Page 59 – 2 lines from the end of the page (line starts: ”kol cheftzo...” ) See link (top right) for link to all pages of the text. 

We are looking a the principle that the animal soul recognizes in its intellect that 'to relate to G-dliness by means of the light is not the real thing' – he realizes he should relate to Essence.

He realizes that, no matter how great the meal if the host is not present you have nothing.  

The meal is appreciated, and you feel it, but the presence of the host is not something you feel – it is reality itself. Same with the matter of G-dliness – there is light and life in the world, but the significance is the G-dly intent, thus you have to focus on the intent and essence. And that is found in Torah and Mitzvoth.

Torah and Mitzvoth though they relate to worldly things and actions, and the actions seem to describe and relate to the world, but the actions are calibrated according His will, not the worldly context. The principle is, 'all these actions are happening in the presence of G-d, and this is how He wants it'. By means of hisbonenut/meditation the animal soul is able to relate to this and to desire this, to the extent that his whole will becomes Torah and Mitzvoth! 

This is the purpose of the G-dly soul coming down into a body – to refine and perfect the animal soul. The G-dly soul itself needs no refinement/tikkun.

The intent in the descent of the G-dly soul is not for itself. The G-dly soul has to illuminate its way in the life of the body, so it seem like work/avodah, but this avodah is not the reason it was brought down here below.

This is not a challenge it is just 'bringing itself out'. So why is it here below where it has to labor to recognize its own truth? It is to be in close proximity to the animal soul and to affect it. To refine it.

When the G-dly soul sees the truth, it has to bring the truth to the animal soul in a way that it can relate to it. This reigns it in. To do this the G-dly soul has to go more deeply into its perception and this causes elevation. This is like where it says, 'from my students I learned the most' – the teacher gains when he overcomes obstacles to bring the teaching to the world of the student.

The G-dly soul effects a nullification of the animal soul. Pushing him to dissociate from his own physicality and desire Elokus.

The G-dly soul re-directs the animal soul to know that its own yeshut and physicality is not the basis of reality.

The animal soul says, 'that I know things through my own experience is a false knowledge – I don't really get to know the object. I want to see the truth in the world. I want to see the truth of what life is, and that doesn't come from me. My yeshut interferes with relating to the truth. By hiskafia/submission, I will overcome doing things to get appreciation. I am going to do a favor without them knowing where it comes from. I will go against myself. Then I will reach hishapcha where it will be what I want...' 

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