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“How We Breath; You're Not Outside” p:41

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel Sunday 30 Cheshvan 5774 

Page 41 (מא)

At about the middle of the page – (line begins: 'hu...') For text, click: Here.

Rabbi opened the class with comments about Chassidus and serving God.

He talked about the 5 levels of the soul. He said that the highest level of the soul – yechidah corresponds to Chassidus. And that this is about Kabbalah. Yechidah, says there is unity with God that permeates the entire existence.

In chassidus there is no gap between the highest faith, mind/sechel, and action. It totally encompasses the entire person. And if not, then it is not chassidus.

And now inside the text: there is a difference between spiritual and physical mentorship. On the physical level there is giving part of himself. Sechel/mind that we are describing is part of himself on a spiritual level.

And there is a similarity between these two processes. The students are called sons of their teacher...

And just like God makes a human, so too man fathers a child... God put into the human being this element of Himself... the human being is an essence.

There is a difference in how the light and revelation comes from the faculty of sechel/mind in contrast to how it comes from essence per se...

Every mind/sechel is based in the soul and there it is an absolute truth. And how can it be revealed to the outside, where it cannot be an absolute truth?

Breathing is a way we can relate to the concept of oneg/delight and ratzon/will.

Breathing is automatic. Air flows into you.

This is an experience of life. Life on the physical level, but a pure life. If you had to breath through a tube, you would be separated.

Regular breathing is being completely surrounded by life. This is the metaphor that God has provided to demonstrated something on the spiritual level. It is a metaphor for oneg/delight and ratzon/will where there is no separation. You are totally embraced.

The way sechel/mind is in the soul, is like, 'the soul being aware of the way it is surrounded by Godliness'.

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