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“Light Discovery” p:45

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel Tuesday 23 Kislev 5774 

Page 45 מה

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The gemara says, up until the age of 40 one does not fully understand his master's teaching...

There are the inner and external levels. The external level does not have its own inner substantiation. For the student, the basis is that 'his master said it'. The real source of sechel/mind is much higher than itself. It is based in will and delight.

And while it needs substantiation it means you are still in the external level. The inner level is where the sechel comes directly from its source.

Transmission is only at the external level where there is structure and order. And the recipient does not sense the real source and hence must deal with words and definitions. But for the student this is internal and solidly substantiated. This is the meaning that, 'the external of the higher level, becomes the internal reality of the lower level'.

So this external reflection is the effect of the sechel, rather than the reality of it.

The external represents the inner reality.

The removal of the inner level by the mentor, leaves behind the effect of the inner level, and this is what the mentor has to access so that he has a transmission that will work for the recipient.

After the tzimzum the point of the trace (nekudat ha roshem) remains...

This point/nekudah includes all the light that will be revealed in the world (hishtalshalut). The point and trace enables a worldly context... of something being discovered and coming into being.

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