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“Spark of Truth” p:44

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel Sunday 21 Kislev 5774 

Page 44 מד

At just above the middle of the second section of page of the page – (line begins: "mayain...”) For text, click: Here.

We are saying that the creation is from chochmah/wisdom and binah/knowledge.

Chochmah is the first point of the Godly ein/nothingness that can relate to world and become the source of the worlds.

World and Godliness are totally dissimilar. World is not a direct derivative of Godliness.

Chochmah, although it is a faculty of the soul, has to be sparked... then it reveals itself. A spark has a moment when it is not present. It is there for a moment and then it dissipates.

Chochmah does not carry Ohr Ein Sof (Infinity). It reveals it. The spark from the rock, reveals that there is a solid presence that cannot dissipate. And you cannot take part of this rock, you can just know it is there. The spark lets you know it is there.

This is to say chochmah is not essence, it reveals essence. It comes into being. It is not the infinite being. But it reveals the truth of the Ein Sof – infinity. And that becomes the source for worlds.

Essence is in contrast to world. There was never a moment when essence was not present. So His essence is not even in the framework of being a source for worlds... to relate to world there has to be the beginning of the framework of 'yes and no'.

Yes, God can do anything, but for the world to make sense of itself and be a real world and relate to its source. Think of the host serving you dinner and then leaving – what's missing? The dinner would be disassociated from the source. The host has to give his presence – part of himself.

So through the ha-arah (the chochmah) the world knows that it comes from an Infinite Source.

Although world is very finite, and only a reflection (ha-arah), yet there is in the world a profound sense of the reality from where it comes...

A table stands due to its structure. But it alludes to its human spirit. And that's why we relate to it. We see in it something real.

The table is a ha-arah of the human spirit.

The world is a distant reflection of 'ohr ein sof' (infinity), and thus it has reality.

Chochmah is an 'observer of truth'. It is not the truth. It can relate to truth. So what makes chochmah able to function? The knowledge that there is truth!

We see the physical world without any difficulty. Why? Isn't it an intrusion into my private life? It does not interfere with me at all, since I have chochma and I know there is an overall truth! This knowing there is a truth is just an ha-arah (reflection) of the truth.

This is why we feel comfortable in the world. We relate to it inherently and must just guard against it dragging us down.

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