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“There In Essence” p:42

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel Monday 8 Kislev 5774 
Picture by Yitzchak Bloom

Page 42 (מב)

At about middle of the page – (line begins: 'u-kmo-ken...') For text, click: Here.

We have been saying, 'the higher the light, the lower is the vessel that contains it'.

Mentorship/hashpah is drawing from the life force, something that can be transmitted.

With fathering a child this mentorship/hashpah comes via a seminal drop.

Essence is an elusive concept. It doesn't even exist in physicality. Essence is something that was not made and does not need to be made. The only thing there in essence is Godliness/Elokus.

This essence is placed in every soul. There is no explaining how the soul lives and how it gives life. There is no need to explain. Only things that are limited and pose a question need to be explained.

The soul does not dissipate.

And this soul is drawn down in father ina child. And the child too, defies the question of 'from where is this life?'

God preceded all of existence. So if you wanna know what's going on, you have to know that He comes first.

And the human being contains this infinity. And the child that is born is representative of this.

At the start of the discourse the medrash explained the seas gathered together and dry land being exposed. It say that this is like a king who has subjects who are mute and those that are wise. And the dry land is representative of the wise subjects.

It is known that the sea is representative of the level of igulim/circles and the land is representative of the level/reality of yasharim/straight flow.

Creatures of the ocean are completely submerged in the source of their sustenance. This means their recognition of their source is total – they are nullified to their source. This is in contrast to creature of the land. They have to stand up and look for food. They have independence.

This is referring to 2 types of presence and Godly presence.

The creature of the land are also acknowledging their Creator, but the sea creatures have an essential level of nullification.

This is seen in the fact that Moses had a speech impediment. This is indicative of the fact that he was from the level of igulim – sea. As it is said, 'I drew him from the water', when he was rescued. This has to do with an essential nullification and speech has to do with yeshus – self expression...

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