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“What's Going On” p:42

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel Sunday 7 Kislev 5774 

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Page 42 (מב)

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The general sub topic is to explain how the higher light when entering the world, has to come into lower keilim/vessels. We are not explaining how it happens, but we have been giving examples.

So it turns out that thoughts come via words, but having a child comes through the physical – a seminal drop...!

we looked at Torah. We said it does not belong above. The angels were requesting they receive it – and they can understand the 'spiritual' level, but the essence of Torah has to come to men – to human beings living in the world and working with the evil inclination...

The essence of Torah the Rebbe says is found in halacha (Jewish law). Halacha is a straight forward statement of 'this is what the King wants you to do, and this is what He wants you to avoid... These do's and don'ts do not stand on their own. They stand due to the King. This is the reality of halacha. So the reality of Torah surfaces on the level where the only way it can exists is due to the King. If it has supporting sechel is is not essence...

We said the light of the first day had no luminary... it was a light that superceded world... what is the light? On the level of physicality there is conflict and things pushing against each other. This we can grasp and this is world from a perspective of worldliness. When we say that is not the reality of the world, and that things have correct places assigned to them, it seems unreal...

We have a living experience of this. In your home you have some chairs. You positioned them where you want them to be. And when they are in place you see that they are where they belong and are not competing for space. Who defines the element of 'belonging'. You. The owner of the home. You see a spiritual phenomenon. This is seeing from an ohr/light perspective.

Light is given to the world because there is a Creator.

Torah is fully recognized in the physical world.

Touch and sight have physical elements, but it is your sechel/mind that interprets this.

When you see the face of your teacher, you have a sense of the surrounding (makif) elements to his sechel/mind. The essence from which his sechel/mind is derived.

Seeing his face, gives the sense that there is a level that cannot be communicated. It is just there as a presence.

A tree on the earth, is representative the earth's faculty to give life. The tree is not struggling to survive. It bears testimony to the earth's greatness.

Chochmah/wisdom is seeing the thing, within the source...

The Rebbe is saying, wake your sechel/mind, and focus your mind, to see how the highest thing comes down to the lowest level. And whats the value if it cannot be verbalized? Because that's where you are living with real sechel/mind. The absolute truth can be had only when you are connected to it.

The chochmah is continually looking at the soul. That's why there is always something going on... Chochmah is the transition of life... it is the link to the soul as life comes into the body.

In the secular way, we were trained to see the world as a bunch of objects. But the object has no reality in itself. It has relevance only due to the force of the Creator within it.

It is important to open our practical vision and see the reality itself, that is by noting that all is a creation.

How do you get a depth that cannot be verbalized? Shouldn't anything you gain by experience be able to be verbalized? This is because this depth comes to you not via experience. Life is a Godly phenomenon, and thus you have reality beyond what can be verbalized.

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