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“See With Me” p:31/23

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel, Shvat 5776 

Page 31 of pamphlet – (4th line of the page. Line starts: 'shebeneshamah...'). Page 23 of the book. For text see below.

Questions and comments:

We are asking, 'how is it possible that a level above mind, could be dressed into mind/sechel?!

How does it happen?

This can happen because even the sechel that is above in the soul is of the level of 'sechel/mind'. It qualifies as sechel/mind but does not have the limits of that realm...

life is a constant reality, yet it is active – the soul gives life to the body. This means there is a giver and a recipient – positive and negative – yet it is constant...!

So we look at the metaphor of breathing. We see that it is smooth. That is is initiated by the Source of life. You don't gasp for breath. On the physical level this translates to 'air pressure' that presses air/life into you. It is a replication of the spiritual realm.

Its like the 'world itself' wanting you to live. So you have real life. So too spiritually. Chochmah/wisdom which corresponds to sight. You don't see because you investigate. It is presented to you.

When you have your eyes open, you see the entire reality. Not just what happens to be in front of you.

He makes the soul and he does not let the soul become oblivious to Him.

He blows the soul into you. And makes sure that nothing ever intervenes between Himself and the soul.

What you have with the soul is not what it receives, but the Giver. The soul is always with her Creator.

So on the one hand the soul is a creation, yet the usual limits of creation don't apply.

The soul is always aware of His presence, since it is pressed into her. For other creations there is the need to solicit this connection.

This is like the 'hidden wisdom'. That is continually connected. It is completely concealed. But there is something given...!

You have a living soul in you. This is how you know. Your life is not reactive.

We know we are alive even if 'nothing is bothering us'. The wealthy man can get bored and miserable. There's a force of life in him that says everything has a meaning, not just a presence. The soul is telling him he is alive. He gets over his discomfort by responding to his soul's call and making moves to know and serve Him.

We have a soul that is a vibrant life force, given by the Source of life. The soul is aware of this continually.

Physical life is a replication of the spiritual life.

Unfortunately human reality has been obscured from us.

That you can think on the conceptional level is not a concoction of the human mind. It is from above. It is founded on His infinity.

This relates to what is outlined in the class called Instinct and Intellect.

All starts from a supreme reality. A reality of life. And that is brought down into a worldly context so the highest can be reflected in the lower level. This is because “He desires a dwelling place in the lower worlds” - that are alive and not deprived of the higher level.     


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