Sunday, November 6, 2016

“Essential Hidden Faculty” p 56

Ayin Base with R' Paltiel. Tishrei 5777
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Page 56 [of the pamphlet] at middle of the page – line starts: 'veyesh lomar'. (P42 in the book)

It is a higher, hidden faculty that joins words and letters. You don't see it. You only see its product.

There are 2 types of hidden light – 1. ohr makif (surrounding light) that is not fully concealed and then there's, 2. koach ne-elam (a hidden faculty).

This hidden element is the essence of the inner light (ohr pnimi).

In the hidden element are the 10 hidden sphirot. It is concealed within the infinite light and is not intended to be revealed.

At that level the 10 are completely united.

This is because they don't represent themselves but rather the source from which they originate.

By means of the tzimtzum the light was reduced and the overall infinite light was also withdrawn.


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