Wednesday, November 9, 2016

“No Basis” p 56

Ayin Base with R' Paltiel. Tishrei 5777  

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Page 56 [of the pamphlet] at last paragraph of the page – line starts: 'deyesh laymor'. (P43 in the book)

We came to the point that the 10 hidden sphirot are similar to the ray of light hidden within the sun.

The tzimtzum: the infinite light is withdrawn and, each individual sphira becomes an individual presence.

The 10 hidden sphirot are based on His simple will to create.

This is like faith. There is no substantiation for it. It is just the Godly reality in the soul. This is like the First Being – He's beyond our understanding – but He created everything.

Nothing caused His will. It arose in Him. We have no access to this level.

From our perspective it indicates, 'He really wants the world, and people, and Torah.' Reward is based on His will. Why should He care? But He does. His concern goes down to the level of a small mosquito in the deepest jungle.

And the 10 hidden sphirot follow the rise of his will create.

Before the the tzimtzum there were sphirot ein ketz (without limit).


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