Thursday, November 10, 2016

“You Are Worthy!” p 56

Ayin Base with R' Paltiel. Tishrei 5777 

Page 56 [of the pamphlet] at last line of the page – line starts: 'vehinei'. (P43 in the book)

Been talkin' about the 10 hidden sphirot.

They represent the 'coming up' of His will/will [aliyat haratzon]. In truth, unto Himself there are sphirot without limit. 10 indicates an intended design.

This rising of His intent sets a boundry – and the 10 hidden/treasured sphirot represent this.

Think of a wealthy person in contrast to a worthy king. The wealthy man's resources are defined – there is a quantity. The king's wealth and provisions are beyond the realm of being defined by quantity.

When the wealthy man goes to help others it is aroused by the difference between his resources and those of the poor man...

Contrast this with the way a king relates to others. When a king attends to his subjects and his intent to raise them, it is not based on comparison to himself... Rather he says, “they are my subjects. They are worthy of being supported!” it is out of respect for them, not out of pity. It is a completely different attitude. He looks at them from the perspective of their greatness not their neediness.

The way the king is 'motivated' in the description above is to illustrate 'aliyat haratzon' / the arising of His will.

The fact that there are 10 represents that 'there is some kind of a plan'. This is the source for the elements of 'surrounding all the worlds' and 'filling all the worlds'.

Yes, He makes the world and it is from the First Being. Is he divorced from His creation? If the world had no sense of its Originator it would not be real. So we have 'surrounding all worlds' – He as He surrounds the world – and that's what gives it a real sense of presence.

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