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“Constant Union” p:45

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel Friday 3 Tevet 5774 

Page 45 מה

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We are looking at how creation; comes from Godliness into world...

Chochmah/insight and binah/understanding have a continual union, that is for the sake of making the world.

Even though binah focusses on the content and structure, yet it is constantly recognizing that this structure is representative of chochmah/insight. Think of a table, it has a structure, yet it is representative of the human spirit.

You have to recall that your world is beyond a table standing on the floor. You are held up by Him. The world does not depend on itself. It is suspended in space. It hangs on nothing. It is held in his Hand.

Chochmah/insight and binah/understanding have a continual union, and this is the union between something and nothing. Creations come to be something from nothing. So the reality is the ein/nothing.

Because this nothingness is constant, it is possible to be distracted and only see the things/yesh of the world...

There are 2 ways to see things. An idiotic way and a Godly way. Does the tree look for ways to survive to produce fruit, or is that whole spirit provided for it from a higher source? Binah is not so smart that it makes everything! It is in constant union with chochmah/wisdom that is the initiator...

Things do not create themselves! To say so is to take the spirit out of the world. If you just take ein/nothing for your own use then you lose it. Till 'things' become the only orientation.

He renews with His kindness, the world continually...” - from nothing to something. And not for the sake of being a separate 'thing'.

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