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“Life & Garments” p:47-48

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel Friday 24 Tevet 5774 

Page 47

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The reality of Godliness cannot be transferred to anything else. It only exists in His presence.

The point is being made that there can be external reality, since the light going through the process of creation is a reflection, as opposed to having an essential quality.

The true presence in the world is the Godly light in the world, as opposed to the world just consisting of 'cause and effect'. Torah and mitzvot give the world a real presence.

Till the Torah was given, the world had a tenuous existence. With the Torah it acquired a sense of reality.

The scientific view is based on 'cause and effect', without even alluding to the truth of the soul and reality. For example gravity. Chassidus says it represents a Godly principle: “that everything is drawn back to its sense” and this indicates everything has a source and is not self-made. So there is significance to the rock falling to the ground and to the fire rising upwards.

Everything that exists has some connection to its source. The sitra achra ('the other side') is not a natural progression from the regular process of creation.

Think of guests at a wedding. There can be one who comes for the food and is really not interested in the joy of the bride and groom. This is one who is interested in the garments and not the reality. This is the sitra achra.

So the sitra achra is due to the garments that conceal. He relates not to 'how it is given', but how he grasps it. This is science, oblivious to any kind of reality with its handling of the human being in a mechanistic lifeless manner. You can hear them say, 'come, I'll fix you', and the fixing by the therapist drains the client of life...

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