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“Soul Trigger” p:45

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel Sunday 28

Kislev 5774

Page 45 מה

At 7th line of the page – (line begins: "sheyitgaleh...”) For text, click: Here.

The real vitality of the world and the individual comes from above. Things in this world arouse our awareness of how it is above.

All unity is based on emunah/faith.

Emunah/faith is steadfast. The righteous man has eliminated the evil inclination, and yet he can slip... but the Alte Rebbe says the steadfast element is 'what he learned from his mother in the cradle'! How does this make sense?! The answer is that when the master, teaches the student it becomes internal.

The student knows that the master has it at a fundamental level, and thus he can take it inwardly. What the child gets from his mother is 'reality itself', and thus it gives him a sense of a primary reality – emunah/faith. This is the trigger to the faculty of faith that is in his soul. 

And maybe your mother sang songs about 'the three little pigs'... and yes the content of the nursery rhyme does matter, but there are 2 levels to everything. There is the external element and then there's the primary element.

Being an orphan is one of the most painful states. And a secular scientific attitude is 'things made themselves'... this can lead to having no stake in the world, and no sense of reality...

But growing up in a normal home even if the nursery rhyme was vacuous, still it provides a state of reality, that enables him to later reach into the Godly reality.

Inside the text: what is revealed in the creation/hishtalshalut? Everything – all the faculties and limbs originate in chochmah and above that in emunah/faith. From his head to his cotton socks, he is representative of what a human being should be... All the levels of creation is sourced in His will to make a world...

The chochmah is already dressed in the body/brain. The emunah/faith is not dressed in anything. For this reason it is steadfast. This is life itself. The emunah is the rishima/trace of infinity...

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