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“The Defined Path; The Overall Space” p:46

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel Thursday 9 Tevet 5774

Page 46 מו

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The union of chochmah and bina is described as the source of the worlds that are going to come into being. Chochmah and bina are like ein veyesh (nothing and something).

The ein/nothing level is the truth of existence. This is a fundamental existence that did not come into being – it is 'nothing', meaning there is no way to define it. Our knowledge of the First Being, precedes chochmah/insight.

This we know not via research, but rather due to our 'life element' that provides this knowledge. We say there is a First Being that preceded everything, even though with don't have empirical proof. It is a statement due to the truth of our soul...

And all that comes from Him is representative of the truth of His presence. If it is lacking in the area of being representative, it is lacking presence!

All existence is a combination of ein and yesh. The yesh is like the ein/truth becoming identifiable.

This union is what makes the worlds possible.

And this is from the external levels of the chochmah and binah. This is a 'spiritual' union. A union at the conceptual level rather than at the essential level. This is like the bestowing of sechel/mind by the master to his student.

יסוד היסודות ועמוד החכמות: לידע שיש מצוי ראשון
 והוא ממציא כל הנמצא: וכל הנמצאים...  לא נמצאו אלא מאמתת המצו

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