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“The Rooster's Call” p:47

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel ThursdayNight 16 Tevet 5774 

Page 47

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The creations are the result of a union of nothing and something.

This union is spiritual.

There is no transmission of real substance.

Only ha-arah/reflection of the essence is involved.

And for the is reason the creations are also a ha-arah.

The power of movement in the hand is contained in the physical. And objects don't move by wishing it so. They have to be moved by hand. In our sense of experience the sense of movement is more real than the power of mind.

But in truth the power of mind is infinitely more real than the power of movement.

The spiritual is primary, but the way things are caught in physicality hides this truth.

What makes something essential? All is drawn from the fact that there is a First Being. The only real presence is Him. Everything comes from Him. The extent to which He is identifiable in this thing, to that extent it is a real thing...

An animal is a living presence. It is a presence in the world. It's activity is all within the context of the world.

A human being represents the First Being. He is here with a purpose. The man is an essence. Not just a ha-arah/reflection.

The truth of life... you cannot 'wrap your mind around it'. To define something means that there has to be a beginning. Abraham asked, 'what is my purpose here? What am I doing here?' He was not involved in idle speculation. In Godliness the whole element of intellectual grasp or 'conception' does not apply, yet it is truth that is every present and makes everything real.

The truth of the human element is not even in his soul, but rather in the mission for which it was sent to the world. A human being is made of a soul, a body, and the Godly command that joins them.

There are many human elements that are beyond mind/sechel, for example 'guilt' and 'grace'.

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