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“That Makes All The Difference” p:23/17

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel, Ellul 5775 

Page 23 of pamphlet – (At about middle of the page. Line begins: 'shehakav...'). Page 17 of the book. For text see below.

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We have been talking about keilim/vessels.

And now we are discussing lights/ohrot.

The difference is that vessels are distant from their source and lights remain connected.

And that makes all the difference.

Lights/ohrot are a different realm from vessels.

The basis for the difference is that the lights remain connected.

The vessels can be at different levels – in atzilus they are actual Godliness (Elokus mamash) and the source for the worlds below that...

Keilim can be taken out of context. Ohrot exist only in context.

The faculty of sight provides a context.

The faculty of touch is out of context, where you touch something and deduce it's function.

Light is connected to the source. There cannot be a human phenomenon without the human being...

Intellect is a neshama/soul perspective.

In Torah if a man doesn't have enough food, it is called, 'the embarrassment of hunger'. This alludes to the principle that man is a prince. Your 'self-respect' is the respect for how He has made you. You are a Godly creation. And you should lack nothing!

The kav (line of light) comes through the tzimtzum (contraction) and yet it's import is from the light that preceded the tzimtzum.

The light after the darkness of tzimtzum (contraction) is a ray, but yet this ray retains the quality of light before contraction (undefined, infinite light).

Sight brings you physical reality without the need to touch it for verification. How? The answer is that light brings to us the presence of the physical object, not from its physical level, but from its 'source' level. Light shows you things in context.

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