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“Beyond Judgement; On The Quiet” p:42

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel, Iyar 5776 

Page 42 of the pamphlet – (At about the last quarter of the page. Line starts: 'le-hashem...') [page 32 in the book]. For text see below.

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In the Torah are 3 levels – desert, settlement and field.

And the element of midbar/desert corresponds to just relating to His will, without understanding it – without personal experience. This relating to the First Being, who is beyond definition and reason.

His presence is fundamental, but his presence is essential, not functional. And this is refered to as midbar/desert, which potentially has everything, but to the naked eye is a wasteland.

For this reason there is a striving to connect to His will/truth and not filter everything through personal experience...

Notes from Ron:

We discussed the maaleh of midbar, performing Mitzvahs without the taste or understanding of what it is all about. We are participants in this fundamental Truth, the Ratzon of H even though we do not comprehend it. Through this we connect with this Truth , the Primary Being and draw it down into the world. The example of Shemona Esrei was given. Words said quietly in front of a wall.  If words are heard then person considered lacking in emunah. Shemona Esrei is about what brings the person to daven, the emunah, not about the action and reaction caused by that action. Therefore amidah is quiet to reflect this pure emunah, this essential, internal relationship. Though still must be an action because everything a person does must be expressed in action.

Also discussed kabbolos ol malchus shamayim. Once a human King is coronated, there is not longer any questioning the King. His Authority is absolute. We do not accept the Malchus Shamayim because we have evaluated to be worthy of listening to but because there a Malchus Shamayim in actuality which precedes. A Primary Being which has no cause and is therefore Absolute. There is not preceding this Reality or outside of this Reality. I cannot observe and evaluate this. The last two sentences may be my own elaboration or connecting of ideas which I think was implied in class.

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