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“Chosen Place” p:11/8

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel, Nissan 5775 

Page 11 of pamphlet – (at 11st line begins: 'lon...'). Page 8 of the book. For text see below.

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We are talking about how the faculties are to be understood above. Above there is a throne and a representation of a Man – but this is no the Infinite One, blessed be he.

In atzilus we are saying there are 10 sphirot, but they are without boundary, and there is no limit to their spread.

Elsewhere it says there are 10 sphirot, but without a description. So what is the meaning? There is the number 10 but without limit and definition!?

In the human form there are distinct locations where the faculties live. The right arm is chessed/kindness, the left is severity/gevurah.

These places are not random. The faculties themselves, and the ability of the limb is predefined. The ability is assigned prior to execution. For example the faculty of writing exists in the soul and is assigned to a particular location, before it comes to the level of action.

In our days it is important to keep perspective. The worldly view says that writing is only a matter of training and is created at the functional level. This is due to a physical perspective of the human being. We may think the physical demand forces us into action. We reject that view. When we write it is the soul faculty that is manifest through the hand.

From a worldly perspective the human being has no particular purpose in being here. And all he does is a reaction to the circumstance...! And from that need he develops all his complex activities and abilities. We reject that view outright. Man was created intentionally. And what is man? He is here to see the world as his platform and understand his mission here to humanize and develop the world – that is his Godly mission.

And to develop the world you have to relate to it and direct it. You have to operate within time and space.

That is man – from inception to action.

So man in the world consists of x number of faculties, not just a responder to circumstances. And these faculties represent the human reality.

So your right arm – chessed – is by design, not by it being assigned a random function. The action is driven not by the body, but by the soul.

And man has an element of infinity – nothing escapes him. Nothing is beyond his reach. And when he does something and reaches things he wants to do it in an inner way and to relate to it – so his defined faculties are used.

He is doing something infinite using finite faculties...

Each light has a unique vessel.

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