Tuesday, April 28, 2015

“Un-trapped Light” p:13/10

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel, Nissan 5775 

Page 13 of pamphlet – (6th line of the page. Line begins: 'havayah...'). Page 10 of the book. For text see below.

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We are elaborating on the relationship between light and vessel (ohr ve keili).

This is not an inadvertent type of relationship. The light has the reflection of essence, but on the functional level, creation cannot come from light which is too Godly. The vessel has to contain the light and bring it down to consciousness, for there to be creation. The light has the intent of being enclothed and thus a perfect union is formed. The vessel did not trap the light.

We see objects and the reality of the world. This is not due to the power of sight. It is not because we see it. It is because it is being shown to us. The reality itself wants us to see Him.

So if you want to ignore what you are shown, and roam about in search of what you can see, you can get lost in infinity.

The lights express themselves and are revealed by the vessel. The light is not captured, but given expression.

The vessels are nullified to the light. They do not represent themselves. Rather they are representative of the light they contain.

The letters of the Hebrew language are real, not conventional. They contain and give expression to supernal lights. They focus light and reveal more than themselves and the sound. This corresponds to, “you see not because you see, but because it is being shown to you. “

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