Thursday, August 11, 2016

“Breathe” p:49

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel, Menachem Av 5776 

Page 49-50 of the pamphlet – (2 lines from the end of the page. Line starts: 'hapratim...') [page 38 in the book]. For text see below.

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Two points – there are inner and external elements to light, and secondly the lights correspond to 'names'.

Names are described as garments/levushim.

The garments are what enable the light to join into the vessel/keili.

The 'name' reaches very deeply into a person. [this is to help us understand lights/ohrot] The name relates to the very vitality of the person. A person's name will lift him out of a faint. It is of such significance to a person that it brings him back to himself.

And yet the name is not his sechel/inner mind. Sechel means his soul/neshamah ['sechel nishmato'].

Soul/neshamah relates to the verb linshom – to breathe. Before each inhalation there is something that compels a person to take it. Why? And why the constant repetition? Essentially this is his will to live. Sechel/mind/soul(neshamah) is the first conscious awareness of that will.

And that will is not the will to survive, it is the mean and significance of life. That is why sechel/awareness and soul/neshama are used interchangeably. Man relates to the truth and source of life.

Name represents that the man's presence has an element of truth. But yet sechel/soul is deeper than name.

Neshama corresponds to the force of will in a person – this is like breathing – this is the will to live – the truth of life. And the initial awareness of this is in sechel/mind.

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