Tuesday, July 18, 2017

“Dark Light” p80

“The first thing that is created still has the ‘nothing’ where it comes from shining within it.”

“Dark Light” p80

Tammuz 5777

P 80 [of the new pamphlet] at the lower third of the page - line starting “u-kmo-ken…”  [P 60 of the book]

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Each section of man - head, body and leg - is a whole world.

The head is the most significant and has the soul quality in greater measure.  The brain in the head represents many qualities - it is a different reality - the faculties are within a context.  They are within the light of the soul.

The light of the soul demands the presence of these faculties.

Then there is the body with its various limbs - the hands and the heart.  And the heart is also a representative of the divine quality in man - and by will of the heart it is superior to the brain.  Nevertheless the body is more physical and more related to kelli/vessel than the head.

The leg is focused on the physical capability.  It also has a soul quality.  The feet have a major effect - they lift the head and carry it where it wants to go - they give the head the effect of universal presence.

The hands and the feet both act in the physical world.  Yet the hands have greater dexterity - they have greater light. 

The soul impact on the feet is minimized.  

These 3 levels tell us of the worlds of beriah, yetzirah, and asiyah…

The first thing that is created still has the ‘nothing’ where it comes from shining within it. 

And thus the world of briah is called darkness - it is the darkness and unknown level from which the other worlds come…

The next world - yetzirah - does not have as much light… but it has more vessels... 

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