Monday, July 24, 2017

“Pure Vessels” p81

“The aim of the light is to have affect.  This is why it identifies the means by which it can be dressed in vessels/keilim.”

“Pure Vessels” p81

Tammuz 5777

P 81 [of the new pamphlet] at 4th line from end of the page - line starting “hague…”  [P 60 of the book]

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The Rebbe has been pointing out that vessels attract and draw the light.

This is how it works ‘above’.

All the limbs of the body draw the vitality into them.

The soul is anxious to be vested in the limbs of the body.

This is because the root of the vessels precedes the light. 

The vessels have a higher root.

It happens this way after the vessel is purified.  After purification it draws the light into it. 

The message, ‘you’re just a vessel, you’re not here for your own sake’ is what purifies the vessel/keili.

We said In the beginning of creation that from the thickening of the light the vessels come to be… and the result is that there is then a means to receive the light at the kelli.  

Both vessel and light are creations.  But initially the vessel does not sense that it too is a creation with a purpose.  

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