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“He's Right There; Being, Not Doing” p: 72(5)

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel 5 Elul, 5774 

Page 72(5)

At the second section of the page (line begins, “ve-hinay...”) For text, click: Here or see below.

We have looked at how the element of tzelem is a principle of service... it is the relating directly to Godliness, not via the faculties and emotions.

This is seen in the principle of tephilah/prayer. We said prayer needs to preceed learning Torah. This means he comes close to Godliness and then he learns Torah from this perspective.

Torah does speak about the world and give directives in the world, but it does this in a Godly way, not from a worldly perspective. It is a the Godly form/tzelem in the world.

God validates Torah. The King is right there. The entire existence of the world is redefined in this context.

This is seen in the example of the 'host and guest'. The whole meal is representative of the presence of the host. Without him you have nothing...

So too with the world. The world is real because of the King.

Worldly logic is, 'there's a presence. So where did it come from?'

But Avraham did not ask this. He asked, 'where is the master of the world?' Why? Because the 'where did it come from?' is based on an insignificant world.

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Avraham sees the living world and looks for the Creator. This is a completely different approach.

Essence gives existence to the world, but not as a separate entity. He gives it as representative of Himself. It is infinity. It is not world. It is He Himself in a worldy form – this is tzelem.

Our function is to make God manifest in the world. Not to accurately reflect the Godly command.

The sun brings itself not light. Light to the sun is like darkness to us. The world does not 'produce' darkness.

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