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“Beyond Place” p: 38

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel Sunday 9 Cheshvan 5774 

Page 38 (לח)

At about lower third the page – (line begins: 'kmo sheyachol...') For text, click: Here.

You may think sechel/mind is spiritual and unlimited. But it actually operates in a defined environment.

When a master teaches sechel/mind to the student, he opens his mind, but it is within a certain context.

Sechel is a functioning faculty. Not to say it is influenced by outside factors, but it does work with context and thus there is a limit.

Life is an aspect of the source of life. And He creates things at will. He is not an accumulation of things. The world exists, not by virtue of the fact that it exists, but because it has to exist. The Creator says it has to be.

And the life of a human being is fundamentally different to that of an animal. The animal is in one place and can move. It is a living body. The human being is not in a specific place. He is beyond place. He reflects the presence of his Creator. He is not defined by place. He is concerned about justice and right – he draws his sense of being from the Source of life.

God blew a living spirit into man that is not defined and limited by circumstance at all.

Think about chochmah/wisdom. It seems to be a functioning faculty.

Adam's first role was to name everything in the world. What is so important about the name? And by naming everything he realized he is alone and needs a mate... He could name the animals, but he could not name himself. What's going on? This is a way that chochmah seems to go deeper than oneg/delight and touch the essence itself.

Man stands since there is a fundamental truth to his presence. He gets this from the Godly statement, 'you be!' and nothing can interfere with this. A name distinguishes one thing from another in an absolute way.

That individuality is due to God's declaration that 'you be'. And thus each individual owes allegiance directly to his Creator.

You know there is a Beginning that precedes all beginnings. We don't understand that. This is what enables us to understand things we don't understand!

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