Wednesday, October 30, 2013

“Essence in Transit” p:41

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel Wednesday 26 Cheshvan 5774 

Page 41 (מא)

At 7 lines from the top of the page – (line begins: 'vegum...') For text, click: Here.

Ratzon/will is where the light of the essence is transformed by identifying a certain principle quality... a level of identification... that allows for tzimzum and hashpah (influence).

And the hashpah takes on a limit and a form...

But the hashpah from ohr chozer (reflected light) is infinite... ohr chozer is a response to the recipient and it touches the essence... and the teacher gives a presentation not via a planned process and thus he by-passes the tzimzum... but even there, there is an impact from the ratzon/will.

By contrast the hashpah that results in giving birth, of a likeness, is different. It is literally hashpah atzmi/essential. It is not a light, but the essence that is given...

'The will to be', is not 'the will to be'! It is the will to be what he is! It is the will to be himself. His Godly gift is defined for him in this form. This is how he senses the Godly presence. Based in this is the hahashpah leholid, bedomeh lo (the hashpah to give birth to one who is in his likeness).

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