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“Essence & Insight” p 62

How do we know God's intent? Intent is so subtle, how can we know it?
Essence & Insight” p 62
Ayin Base with R' Paltiel. Tevet 5777. Today's class: in honor of Eliezer ben Ephraim.

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Page 62 [of the pamphlet] At middle of the page – line starts: 'gufin'. (P47 in the book)

How do lights land up getting dressed into vessels, since light and vessels are so different from each other...?!

How do we know God's intent? Intent is so subtle, how can we know it?

We have various faculties from will, and delight, to mind, emotions, thought, speech and action... this entire spectrum engage the person who is experiencing it.

This spectrum is felt by the individual. You could say, 'it is his business'. Above that is intent. This is not personal. It is the recognition of, “yes, I have feelings and experiences, but how do I relate to the big world? What is right in that context?” This is not internal. This is a different realm.

I speak often regarding marriage. And I always need to clarify, 'why do we get married'. The answers I get are always personal. But if we go deeper than this we uncover a deeper intent.

If you contemplate never getting married a different view surfaces. You get to a different basis. We cannot fully express this truth – it is beyond human experience. Marriage is the moment when a person recognizes, 'yes, there is a big world and I'm part of it. It is not a personal thing.'

This gives an example of an insight that goes into the category of 'intent'. This goes to essence. Essence beyond experience.

Take Shabbat. He made the world in 7 days. He wants our participation. How? In the creation of the world there is the intent. Intent is what's this all for? Does it impact long-term reality? Intent is His imprint going along with all that He has and is creating...

He initiated creation and gave it a meaning... that is the deepest element.

His intent is simply creating – 'this is Me!'.

Creation has reality due to his intent. This is His personal presence that goes along with creation.

Think of a king. He entails opposite elements. He's above his subjects. On the other hand there is no king without his people. A king thinks in terms of universal reality. It is not based on needs and lackings. In the universe nothing is lacking...

In the universe per se there is no passage of time and season. It is mid day and midnight; mid winter and mid summer continually.

The intent, the Godly intent is right there in front of us. We just need to open our eyes and see reality.


And now the second question: God tell me what to do and leave me alone!

This is a tragic thought. Not having the Godly presence with you.

If the thought of 'give me my space' makes sense, we are off target.

What does the people do for the king? Do they give tribute and go their own way? No. The intent of being a king – the reality of it - and the reality of being a people, is being focussed on each other...

Our Creator has made us. The creation might be limited, but His intent is limitless and he accompanies His creation... all the time...


Both of today's questions are based on a forgivable misunderstanding.

We have such low self-esteem we forget who we are and what we stand for...

We exist because the King is here now making us.

If there is no king, whatcha got? Chicken soup? Folgers coffee? Zip. Nada. Zilch.

He put Himself into creation. This enlivens and activates the entire creation.

The sun rises at the right moment. It is not a solar decision. It is a divine decision.

We think, 'world' and okay He made it. But world itself is a divine presence...

Bonus: Here is the presentation given by Rabbi Abba Paltiel in Flatbush that he mentions during today's Daily Chassidus class seen above...

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