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“Start From Scratch” p 59

The kav/line binds the sphirot by means of the trace/roshem/imprint of infinity that persists.
Start From Scratch” p 59
Ayin Base with R' Paltiel. Kislev 5777

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Page 59 [of the pamphlet] At lower third of the page – line starts: 'bechina'. (P45 in the book)

The tzimtzum enables the download of the line that creates the world.

To do that there had to be a reduction of the trace that remained.

To deal with creation you have to 'start from scratch'.

You have to go lower than the idea and get to the practical/physical.

Light is always representative of source, so thus if there is revelation of light there cannot be the creation of world from scratch.

The line/kave has 2 principles – on the one hand it is a measuring stick and identifies definitions, and on the other hand it binds and unites all the sphirots – allowing for inter-inclusion. How?

The kav/line binds the sphirot by means of the trace/roshem/imprint of infinity that persists.

It carries the hidden element into revelation.

Map of 10 Teves Sunday Shiur - From Michoel

1) siluk
2) miut . Imprint of ohr ein sof prevents from building world.

Creation - start from scratch. Even though you have an idea of what you want to do.
Ex:Building a table. Must take planks, measure, cut, etc many individual parts coming together. (Reduction of ohr, but not eliminating the purpose, sense of ohr)

The Reshimui - ohr gvuli in keilim. Does not interfere with process of creation.

[Roshem of] ohr - Ohr is always representing its source.

2 Opposites in the Kav
1) kav hamidah. Seder(order) in presenting the sefiros. Aka: The measuring stick. Identifying everything individually. Idea of gvul. Measuring : Distinct.
Ex:Table vs Chair. Dont sit on table, & dont put food on chair.

2) Provides effect of *interrelationship* between the sefiros.

How can it be?
(According to 1st sheeta that kav comes from inyon hagvuli, no problem. Only relevant from saying that kav is product of ohr)

Able to do this due to Roshem of Ohr Ein Sof which is encompassing them all.

Ability of a kav to unify things: product of Ohr

Table & Chair
Built totally devoid of any functionality.
When does idea of table/chair originate? In shop? The rock? Park bench?
From the home. Represents ohr of the human being. (Not need of comfort and resting).
Etsem quality,  Gdly presence in the world.

Gdly presence vs worldly presence.
Worldly presence - created by its function. Need a place to put my cup down? Ok here.
Gdly presence - Motsui Rishon. Truth.
Home represents truth of a person.
Ex:person chooses Sleeping in a hotel room, eating in restaurants, "Eino Adam, not a person"
Why? B/c does not take up room in the world. Only a function. Not owning the world.
Pru urevu vkibshua. Ownership. Conquer.
In order to effect the world, need to be part of it. Guest can't do anything.

Yiddish expression: guest of a while, sees for a mile.

But doesnt see whats immediately in front of his nose.
Food, hotel room - for a mile.
Immediate effect - immediate reality.

Resting on an army bed at home vs cussion mattress elsewhere. Would rest feed, body, but not nefesh, the whole person.
Thats where one becomes a real presence. The place that Hashem gave you in the world. Source of the soul's sense of rest and being settled. Can now go affect the world.

Ex:Creation in first 5 days. All was created but no human being. Nothing was there. Presence of 1 human being changed the whole world.

Kav carries aura (ohr and significance) of where it is coming from. Correlates all the sefiros together.

Chair and table in home have their own place in the home. Not due to finctionality, but where they fit in the home. As long as home is designed by a human being.

Dovid Morris. Father built a mansion. Dovid went to visit. After tour, "pa, but where do you sit?"

American law:
Cannot vote unless you are a citizen. "Why not? Im wise, studied the candidates etc"

Answer: must have a steak, must belong there. B/c it makes it significant to you.

Chochmah - initial reality in gilui. Carriers statement that binah must interpret message and reinterpret it on worldly level. To be fully defined and understood in world.

Kav binds and unites all the sefiros due to the trace of the ohr ein sif ha bli gvul that is above all the sefiros. (Place of functional worldly things in home)

1) only a trace
2) but aludes to reality beyond sefiros
^ein sof element that is represented by the kav

But the Kav: relative to its source and root, is bbhinas gilui haHelem.

Is the very same thing that was bhelem, but not it is bgilui.
Significance of this: does not speak of another area/place. Tells you what is contained in the helem.
Ex: diff of flashlight and daylight

Light created on 1st day, called Day.
Light:darkness is the reality, light is just showing you whats in the darkness. Whats the point?
Sub ex: Material gashmi thing, identified by touch. Physical sight, weight, etc. See it in darkness? See it as a gashmi.

Day: changed whole phenomenon.
All the details of creation were created to compliment the richness of the world.
Ex: furniture compliments/represents richness of what the home stands for.

Home = Day
Reality of the home itself
Reveals that which the world is all about
Ex: can only do karbonos during the day. Why? Cant see at night?
Taking animal the represents a high richniusdik inyon, only recognizable by day. At night, is just an animal.

All that Binah has, is not an innovation, it comes from Chochmah. Inherent.

Ex: Human trained to eat in a way. Lhavdil animal can alsi be trained. Dog will never come close to experience of a child using a spoon. Coming from an inception level, not a functional level. Aka this is how I am meant to eat by design. (Not by make do)

Ex:Sitting at a table to eat. We dont feel restricted. It reprrsents essential human thinking process being revealed.

^examples of Giluo haHelem. Carries helem status into gilui. Still relates to the thing as it is bhelem.

"There's no more helem."

Creation comes from midah of Malchus.
Unique quality: part of 10 sefiros, part of Ein Sof, but still say ein melwch bloi am.
If rooted in ein sof, why does he need a nation?
Point of king is to represent that which is his capacity. And not keep to himself.
Forms an intrinsic relationship between creation and creator.
Melech and nation become one thing.
Reason for king is the nation.
Reason for nation is the king.

Gilui haHelem says that although creation is external, it began inside the helem and is connected to it.

Ex:we have the Torah in letters.
These letters carry Hashem.

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